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2021 Delaware Road Meet [ONLINE EVENT] - March 20, 2021

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Yeah, right now I have DE 24 & 404 as an "honorable mention" in the power point; i was not aware of the Millsboro Bypass project and wouldn't mind having a peek at your notes for that  :D

Kent & Sussex won't be covered as in-depth as New Castle, but there's a lot of interesting stuff we could briefly touch on down that way. I know DelDOT is looking into some intersection improvements along 113 that would involve interchanges, not sure how far off those improvements might be at this point.

Yay, a road meet I can actually attend! And not at a bad hour for me either (nominally 6 p.m. CEST, actually due to different DST start dates it will be 5 p.m. CET), although I may be hanging out at that point.

We are just a few days away from this online event, so if anyone has any questions as far as what to expect, please feel free to jump in below.

This event is being structured like a super-sized Webinar, a kind of presentation I've been giving on my channel frequently over the past couple years. We will be building in breaks and "stops" along the way to help break things up like a normal meet and the presentation will be completely interactive between those of us on Skype and those in the Live Chat. Hopefully things flow really well and this does not devolve into a total trainwreck as we go  :D

Here’s a more specific breakdown of the timing of this event and a more precise iteneary so everyone has a better idea of what to expect on Saturday.

The official start time for the event will be 12:00 PM ET, however the event room (linked below) will “open” 30 minutes earlier at 11:30 in order for folks to file in and engage in whatever “pregame” chatter they wish. You guys are free to join in whenever you want; what we’re accomplishing here is providing a bit of space before the event begins for some greetings and introductory/off-topic discussions.

This event has been broken down into three main sections, detailed below. We expect each segment of the program to last 2 hours in length. After each of the first two parts, there will be a 30-minute break period. At the top of each hour, regardless of section, there will be a 5-minute pause. All break time, regardless of duration, is encouraged to be used as a general back & forth social period rather than a literal break in the discussion. We may get into some off-topic banter during those periods, we may even use one or more of the longer breaks for a common meal time.

I will be keeping an “attendance sheet” for this meet – folks who wish to have their attendance “count” for this event (those who are not involved on the Skype end) should make their presence known in the event live chat during the chat. It will be worth seeing what our actual attendance is like compared to a more conventional road meet.

The following is a breakdown of the exact topics to be covered in the order in which they will appear. If you are interested in tuning in for a specific portion of the event, these timelines/outlines may be of use to you. Of course, with this being an online event, folks will be coming & going during the course of the day so there is no expectation for any of us in terms of how long we should tune in for.

Part I – The Highways of Delaware (2 hours duration, 12:00 – 2:00 PM ET)

Delaware: An Introduction
How Delaware Got Its Shape: Transpeninsular Line, Mason-Dixon Line, The Wedge, The 12 Mile Circle
Ebright Azimuth: Delaware’s highest point
Wilmington: An Introduction
Historic State/City Maps
Delaware Turnpike
Interstate 95 – Wilmington
Interstate 495
Interstate 295
Concord Pike (US 202/DE 202)
Newport Freeway (DE 141)
Pulaski Highway (US 40)
Summit Bridge Road (DE 896)
Dupont Boulevard (US 113)
Dupont Parkway/Highway (US 13)
Relief Route/Coastal Highway (DE 1)
Middletown Bypass (US 301)
Honorable Mention: Christiana Mall
Honorable Mention: Diverging Diamond Interchange (DE 1/DE 72)
Honorable Mention: Other Delaware State Highways (2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 9, 15, 24, 41, 58, 92, 273, 279, 299, 404, 491)

Part II – The Bridges of Delaware (2 hours duration, 2:30 – 4:30 PM ET)

Covered Bridges of Delaware (Wooddale, Ashland, Smith’s)
Bridges of the Brandywine River (9 structures, Wilmington city limit)
Bridges of the Christina River (8 structures, Wilmington city limit)
Bridges of the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal (7 structures)
Indian River Inlet Bridge
Cape May-Lewes Ferry
Delaware Bay Crossing (fictional/proposed)
Delaware Memorial Bridge

Part III – The Highways/Bridges of Delaware (Virtual Tour) (2 hours duration, 5:00 – 7:00 PM ET)
Sussex County roads
Kent County roads
New Castle County roads/bridges

***The above is a provisional schedule and exact times/durations are approximate***


If we get a chance, I'm tossing props out to my Alma Mater, Goldey Beacom College on Route 7.  A full campus with dorms and building with classrooms, the total length of which is shorter than the strip-mall shopping center across the street.


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