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Fictional Municipality/County Changes

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--- Quote from: GaryV on March 01, 2023, 03:25:30 PM ---
--- Quote from: Poiponen13 on March 01, 2023, 02:38:42 PM ---Merge counties in Georgia and Kentucky.

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Doesn't Tennessee kind of get in the way?   :poke:

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Just take Tennessee and push it somewhere else


--- Quote from: Poiponen13 on November 03, 2022, 11:25:54 AM ---Or a long 100% English name: Whitelakemountaincitynearhighwaywhichisverygoodandnearforest.

--- End quote ---

 Reviving one of Poiponen's old city names. This is ridiculous.


Here is one that has been floated around splitting Buckhead district from Atlanta is now rejected by the State of Georgia. Yes this is rife with how State resources are going to be allocated.

This idea is similar to when San Fernando Valley was planning to separate from Los Angeles City Proper but was rejected on the same grounds.


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