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Slow people getting in my way
A highway such as I-94 and US-23 only having two lanes on a very busy stretch


--- Quote from: kphoger on November 27, 2019, 12:15:36 PM ---Plastic food packages that are impossible to open without ripping.
People who don't put the seat belt all the way into the slot before getting out of the car.
Christmas music before Thanksgiving.
Resonant snare buzz.
The phrase "it is what it is".
Drivers stopping within the crosswalk (or even past the stop bar at all) at a red light.
Loud cell phone ringtones.
People who don't flush the urinal.
Crunchy things in egg salad or deviled eggs.
The phrase "I know, right".
Zippers that tend to get fabric stuck in them.
Toilet paper that's too soft to successfully do its job.
Vitamins A and D not being added to low-fat milk.

--- End quote ---
Funny enough I didnt hear any Christmas music in stores or even *looks around* Walmart!  Was this because of the new study that just came out saying Christmas music makes people nervous? Hmmmm interesting.



* People who wait right in front of the elevator doors, as if there will never be anyone who needs to get off when the elevator arrives at their floor. Then the subset of those who still stand in the way when people are trying to get out of the elevator or try to force their way in before others get out.
* Drivers who leave a gap that I could easily park a small truck into when waiting for a red light
* People who can't park between the lines
* People who choose to struggle opening a standard door (due to stuff they're carrying or other disability) when there is an automatic door a few feet away
* Double standards between genders...wait, maybe that's more of a major thing
* People who insist on using speakerphone EVERYWHERE they go.
* People who whistle while they work in the office
* The fact that we haven't standardized what side the fuel filler is on and the fact that they even vary between design iterations of the same model car

Cashiers having to break open a new roll of coins because not enough people pay with exact change.   :awesomeface:

--- Quote from: webny99 on November 27, 2019, 01:27:18 PM ---

--- Quote from: kphoger on November 27, 2019, 12:15:36 PM ---People who don't put the seat belt all the way into the slot before getting out of the car.

--- End quote ---

Aren't most seat belts designed to do that automatically these days?

--- End quote ---

If the mechanism doesn't work as well as it should, or if the belt is twisted, or if enough of the belt is pulled out such that gravity works against the mechanism—then it won't necessarily go up on its own.  Some people just don't care and leave it all strung out in the seat or—more annoyingly—to get wedged when the door shuts, perhaps even with a bit sticking outside the car.

—People in my neighborhood who put out their trash on Sunday morning for Monday pickup instead of waiting until after sunset. Also, people who put their trash out when it’s a holiday with no trash pickup (like Thanksgiving) and then leave it out there for four days as if that’ll get the garbage men to come pick it up. This is all the more annoying when it’s windy.

—People who stand on the left on the Metro escalator and get mad when you say “Excuse me, please” when you want to get past because you know your train is coming. (It seems to me saying “excuse me, please” is polite because a rude person would shove past.)

—This one no doubt comes from having a mother who taught English: Seeing a date written midsentence in the usual American order without a comma after the year. Proper punctuation calls for commas both before and after the year: “The Super Bowl will be played on February 2, 2020, in Miami Gardens, Florida.” A lot of people omit the second comma for some reason. (The same rule would apply following the state name if the sentence continued.) The year is in the nature of an appositive in that it tells you which February 2 it is—or, put differently, the sentence would be fine, though less specific, without the year.


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