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North Myrtle Beach Connector

Started by Alex, May 13, 2009, 02:52:43 AM

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This is the route that was touted as Interstate 174, but viewing it on aerials there is a diamond interchange with SC-31 and an at-grade intersection built into the design between the Carolina Bays Parkway and the Intracoastal. Either way looks like the road is supposed to open sometime this August.

North Myrtle Beach connector leads to benefits

Work continues on the North Myrtle Beach Main Street Connector as transportation officials hope to have it completed in late summer.

"We're still finishing bridge work, doing signs and putting final touches on the roadway, said Ken Hayes, resident construction engineer for the state Department of Transportation's Marion office. "There's still paving and traffic signals to be done. The bridge work is still the majority of it."

Some new signs for the road can be seen in the area, including one named Robert Edge, for whom the North Myrtle Beach City Council wanted the Main Street connector to S.C. 31 named after. Robert Edge Sr. was the city's first mayor.

Hayes said the connector, which will connect Main Street in North Myrtle Beach with S.C. 31 and S.C. 90 when finished, is still on track to be completed by the end of August.

North Myrtle Beach leaders say the connector will greatly benefit the north end.

"It certainly opens up the city to traffic from S.C. 31 and S.C. 90 and interconnects between Main Street and that area," City Manager John Smithson said. "The obvious advantage for people traveling to S.C. 9, Myrtle Beach and points beyond is to have the connection there. It will create a shorter travel distance for people getting onto other roads."

In addition to alleviating traffic on U.S. 17 in North Myrtle Beach, officials say it would also boost business along its route, and provide an alternative route in the event of an emergency situation such as a hurricane or road closures.

"It's going to be a new gateway into our city and give us another access," said Terry White, mayor pro-tem and councilman for the Ocean Drive section of the city, which includes Main Street. "I can't see it as anything but a plus."


I might be going to Myrtle Beach this summer in July so I'm hoping that the opening is done ahead of schedule ;-)  Also traffic on US 17 in Myrtle Beach might also get relieved somewhat after this opens :nod:
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I will be curious to see what designation they give it? Will it be simply known as the "North Myrtle Beach Connector", or will they give it a designation like "SC-315" for 31-5?


Quote from: AARoads on May 14, 2009, 03:58:08 AM
I will be curious to see what designation they give it? Will it be simply known as the "North Myrtle Beach Connector", or will they give it a designation like "SC-315" for 31-5?

From an email we recently received:

QuoteI recently visited Myrtle Beach, SC, and saw the highway listed as \"Future I-174.\"  The road recently opened as \"Robert Edge Parkway.\"  In addition to the diamond interchange at SC 22, there is a standard road intersection with traffic light just east of SC 22 (possibly Fire Tower Rd).  I didn\'t travel west of SC 22 on Robert Edge Parkway, but a traffic light is visible from the SC 22 junction.  My guess is that it won\'t become an interstate highway anytime soon.


I didn't see any Future I-174 signage on the highway when I was on it a few weekends ago.

It really isn't anything to write home about and if they'd ever want to make the intersection with US 17 an interchange...I'd love to see the ROW acquisition costs on that one.

The roadway is pretty much just a four lane divided highway from the 31 bypass to US 17 - only with a nice bridge over the Intracoastal.

Didn't take any pictures...there's nothing special about it.  But if you want to avoid 17 to connect to 501, 22 or 9 - it's a great time saver.

The light the e-mailer saw is at SC 90.

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