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A lot of cities sometimes have restrictions that are only in effect during Rush Hour.

The Salem Parkway upgrade in Winston-Salem was one of just 16 out of 173 nominees nationwide to win a Grand Award in the national 2021 American Council of Engineering Companies Engineering Excellence Awards​ competition. More in this NCDOT press release:

The 2021-2022 state map is now available.


--- Quote from: rickmastfan67 on July 29, 2021, 12:25:04 AM ---A lot of cities sometimes have restrictions that are only in effect during Rush Hour.

--- End quote ---

Well, Raleigh may have improved the timing of the signals on big thoroughfares like Capital, but I swear the the lights need to cycle through the phases faster or get some damn metal sensors in the pavement. Every light near Capital and on it forces people to wait like 3 minutes for every phase, even on the side roads like near Plantation Pointe shopping center.

I couldn't handle the long waits and started just doing anything to avoid waiting so long.

Atlanta slows down lights changing during morning and evening rush with is good to maximize throughput, but the rest of the day they will change quickly for detected cars.

Too much of people's lives is spent at stoplights.

Very conservatively say 5 lights a day at 2 minutes per light. 10 minutes a day x 30,  300 minutes per month 3600 minutes a year.......60 hours a year  sitting at traffic lights.  Did I do that right?


--- Quote from: LM117 on August 04, 2021, 03:13:25 PM ---The 2021-2022 state map is now available.

--- End quote ---

Of note is the dotted line for the remaining 540 loop is "Future I-540" in the inset.

US 70 has not been moved High Point to Greensboro (Rand McN already did this one).

I-885 not labeled nor shown as open.


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