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According to the Palmetto Parkway website, the extended Interstate 520 shall be completed by July 2009.

Update on the Palmetto Parkway:

Part of I-20 will be closed Monday

Team United, the contractor constructing phase two of the Palmetto Parkway (I-520) in North Augusta, has begun the demolition of the existing US-25 bridges that cross over I-20 at exit 5.

Beginning Monday, the section of westbound I-20 that crosses under the bridges will be closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The westbound traffic will be detoured around this section of I-20 utilizing the newly opened ramps at exit 5.

Once the demolition work over the westbound side of I-20 is complete, this activity will continue on the eastbound side of I-20.

Revive 755:
I'm lacking local knowledge, but it seems there are a couple flaws with the design of the I-20/Palmetto Parkway/US 25 interchange.  Map for reference:

1) As long as they have the ROW, the interchange with US 25 should become a partial cloverleaf instead of a diamond.

2) Seems there should be access between the Palmetto Parkway and NB US 25, and the same for SB US 25 to SB Palmetto Parkway.


Palmetto Parkway section could open early
Palmetto Parkway will make way for growth

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The newest section of the Palmetto Parkway could open two months earlier than the Dec. 31 deadline.

Project manager Alan Wertz, of U.S. Constructors, shared the early progress with more than 30 members of the Greater North Augusta Chamber of Commerce as they toured the new section Friday.

The six-mile stretch from U.S. Highway 1 to Interstate 20 at Exit 5 includes four new interchanges, a new connector road to U.S. Highway 25 and the realignment of 10 existing roads, Mr. Wertz said.

The project opens thousands of acres to potential development, said Skip Grkovic, the director of Economic and Community Development for North Augusta. And the earlier opening could mean businesses moving in sooner.

The greatest potential for development is at the Exit 5 interchange, but nothing specific is planned, said Mr. Grkovic. He said he expects much of it to be "regional-commerical."

"One of the things the city would like to get is industrial businesses," Mr. Grkovic said.

The project will also move industrial traffic off of the main arteries, including U.S. 25. Mr. Grkovic said trucks account for about 15 percent of the traffic on Knox Avenue.

Moving that traffic, however, should not negatively affect businesses in the heart of the city, Mr. Grkovic said.

Mr. Grkovic said the city is aware of the potential that more development around the parkway could create a "North North Augusta" and a "South North Augusta."

"(The city council) has planned for that to make sure there's a balance between the two areas," he said. One example includes developing major shopping centers at the intersection of Knox Avenue and Martintown Road as the commercial center of town.

Chamber President Brian Tucker organized the tour after several members expressed a curiosity about the project.

He said the completion of Interstate 520 will create more than possible new development. He believes it will help create the sense that Augusta and North Augusta are one area.

"We're not just North Augusta. We're not just Augusta," he said.


AT U.S. HIGHWAY 1, EXIT 17: Interchanges will be in a diamond pattern, with a direct exit or entrance ramp for each direction. A loop will allow access from U.S. 1 to Interstate 520 South.

AT BELVEDERE-CLEARWATER ROAD, EXIT 21: Exits will be a diamond pattern. Belvedere-Clearwater road will eventually be widened to four lanes from the interchange to U.S. Highway 25. The mile and a half between the interchange and U.S. 1 will remain two lanes. "That's going to be a significant problem that will need to be addressed in the future," Mr. Grkovic said.

AT EXIT 22: A connector road was created south of Ascauga Lake Road to provide access to U.S. 25.

AT I-20: Exits were rebuilt to allow drivers to merge from Palmetto Parkway without stopping. The section of U.S. 25 was widened from the connector road to the area in front of Food Lion north of Interstate 20.

Would the I-520 be renumbered once this is done, as it would violate the terms of an odd 3di.


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