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Billy F 1988:
I'd probably start with corco since he has some detailed coverage of the Montana highways. Alex or Scott (Scott5114) would probably know who else may have the logs info, and history. I did a brief history on US 93 Business in Missoula with some photos which are on the AARoads Montana page.

Public input is sought to provide a permanent route from Gardiner, Montana, south into Yellowstone National Park's North Entrance and Mammoth Hot Springs. This road connects U.S. 89 in Gardiner with the Grand Loop Road in the park, but it was realigned in 2022 after floods destroyed portions of the original North Entrance Road.

--- Quote ---The North Entrance Road in Yellowstone National Park was damaged beyond repair during historic floods that swept through the park in June 2022. Later that year, a new north entrance to the park between Gardiner, Montana, and Mammoth Hot Springs was paved, painted and opened to regular tourist traffic.

However, despite the intense multimillion-dollar effort, that North Entrance Road was never intended to be permanent. Now that a viable corridor is open and accessible, the National Park Service (NPS) and Federal Highway Administration are ready to pursue a permanent way forward to access Yellowstone from the north.

A 500-year flood event June 13, 2022, destroyed significant sections of the North Entrance Road, which ran along the Gardiner River to the Roosevelt Arch. Yellowstone was closed to all visitors for a few weeks before reopening for the rest of the summer season despite a massive drop in attendance. ...

Yellowstone Superintendent Cam Sholly wasted no time trying to find a new road to restore access to Gardiner. The Old Gardiner Road, barely more than a dirt two-track road last used for stagecoaches, was selected, and feverish work ensued.

The new North Entrance Road officially opened Oct. 15, 2022. It was too late to save the summer season, but the fully paved road made a world of difference for the small community of Gardiner. ...

Even then, that road was not the permanent solution. The NPS says the new road has a "design life" of up to 10 years.

Sholly and others have repeatedly said that while getting that old stagecoach route passable was an engineering marvel, it would not necessarily be the permanent North Entrance Road. To ensure there's year-round access between Gardiner and Mammoth, more investment and infrastructure is needed. ...

The 30-day public comment period opens Feb. 12 with a virtual meeting from 3:30-5 p.m. that day and another from 6-7:30 Feb. 14.

Even though the discussion will revolve around a permanent North Entrance Road, the NPS and the Federal Highway Administration haven’t put forth their ideas. ...

The alternatives floating in the past include improving the infrastructure of the new North Entrance Road or finding an entirely new route for an altogether new road.

One alternative that probably won’t be proposed is restoring the original North Entrance Road. While that route served as “the” main corridor between Gardiner and Mammoth from 1883 to 2022, reconstructing it would be prohibitively expensive and inherently risky, as a future flood could destroy it again.
--- End quote ---

Billy F 1988:
Any further updates on how the NPS and FHWA will attempt to proceed with the new roadway connecting the North Entrance to YNP?


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