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April 2024 Bakersfield Road Meet

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Just saw this (I don't normally read this group). Potentially interested; I"ve blocked the date on my calendar. Please keep me informed (but remember I don't read this group normally).

Max Rockatansky:
I’m committed to doing this meet at this point.  I’ll keep you in the loop as I think that a couple of the west coasters in general were just finding out about this tonight.

Max Rockatansky:
Due to a recent life event for me likely coming to fruition for me during May I bumped the Bakersfield Meet day up to 4/13.  I don’t believe anyone has fully committed to this meet yet so I wanted to get an update in before that happened.  I am floating doing a second day on the 14th on the Old Ridge Route (US 99) from Grapevine Village to the site of Tumble Inn.  During the course of the week I’ll be refining the 4/13 tour route slightly based of my test run of the West Side Parkway last month.

April 13 may make this a tad harder for me to attend, especially if I end up traveling east for the eclipse earlier that week. If I don't fly east to see the eclipse, it's weekend trip range provided we don't get a late-season storm, so not like I need to plan much in advance. I'm definitely interested provided I'm not out east.

Put this date on my calendar. Tentative yes, so long as no other obligations come up.


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