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Forum running slow or intermittent?

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Roadgeek Adam:
Firefox has been crashing a lot lately and I have yet to find the source why - just saying

I've been having the same problem with Opera. All the scans come up clean, so something else must be wrong.


--- Quote ---Do any of the other sites you visit have issues?
--- End quote ---

Nope...only this one.

--- Quote ---As a note - I absolutely refuse to upgrade to IE8 at home because there are plenty of things wrong with it.
--- End quote ---

However, I'm having this same problem on the forum here at the office with IE7...

Alex and I just got back from our trip and are currently looking into this. We will keep you guys updated as to what we find.

I often check the forum on my mobile web browser, and since Saturday it's been taking forever to download.  The key is, the main forum appears quickly, but there's a ton of junk from an advertiser or what have you beneath the forum copyright that is causing the problem.  However, the forum is loading just fine on my IE7, both on the laptop and on the home desktop.


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