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Interstate 69 Fan:
Did a search, only found one thread asking if I-169 was signed.

What’s the status of I-169? Does it still only exist from I-69E to Old Alice Road, or does it finally extend to TX 48?

Hurricane Rex:
Yes, it currently still ends at Old Alice Road (according to every source I've found), and a full opening date is still unknown. Toll revenue is keeping the project back.

It's been designated for the length of the continuous freeway, and will presumably be extended as the continuous freeway is lengthened.

The Ghostbuster:
Other than 169 and 369, are there any other x-69 three-digit Interstate routes proposed for Texas?

As of a month ago when I was in the area, I-169 didn't get any mention from mainline I-69E in either direction.


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