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Garden State Parkway Egg Harbor Bridge

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--- Quote from: SteveG1988 on November 28, 2010, 08:15:26 AM ---NjRoadFan, another article states the drawspan is in the up position permamentaly due to issues with the machinery. Also the cost of keeping people there to close and open it is too much for the county.

--- End quote ---

That I was aware of. Doesn't surprise me, the Cape May County Bridge Commission bridges that are still open (and charge a toll), aren't in the best of shape either. For example, the Middle Thorofare Bridge a closed to fire trucks to cross it due to weight limits and a 5 out of 100 sufficiently rating.... and they are still thinking of spending money on Beesleys Point? Just permanently re-route US-9 over the GSP already.

I honestly think that the parkway should be signed as Alt US-9 for most of its length, it pretty much acts as the express version of the road. The egg harbor bridge will need to be widened before there is a permament routing of US-9 over it anyway, due to increased traffic that it cannot fully handle nowadays.


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