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Move from Silverdale to San Diego - Day 1


This is a road trip/move that was taken back in May 2012. I remember that we got to San Diego on May 24, 2012. So, I guess that we left Silverdale on May 18, 2012. I do remember most of this road trip so here we go.

I got on the road after the movers with their moving truck left the former house around evening. After visiting Naval Base Kitsap Bremerton for the final time getting McDonalds (yes, Navy and Marine Corps have McDonalds on their bases). I got on the Route 3 freeway, and got off at the Route 3/Route 16 interchange as I crossed a traffic light intersection in Gorst, a small unincorporated community. I drove the whole Route 3 length.  When I was near Shelton, there was a temporary traffic light since they were doing road work. After impatiently waiting for 5 minutes, the light turned green and the cars started to go. I then entered Downtown Gorst and got on the legendary US Route 101. I drove down the freeway until I took Route 108 to the small town of McCleary. After it ended in McCleary, I got on Route 8 and drove on it until I reached the small city of Aberdeen.

Aberdeen, home to the grunge band Nirvana was definitely an industrial city. There were factories all over the place. After passing through several traffic lights, I got on US 101 once again. Yes, it does loop around the Olympic Peninsula. Then, I went down US 101 passing through small towns until I got on the tall Astoria-Megler Bridge. It was pretty cool, especially at night. I entered the state of Oregon and passed through Astoria and stopped at the McDonalds in Seaside. It was open and I got a cup of coffee. I then drove through Tillamook and Lincoln City before arriving at Newport. I went to a motel that was by the Pacific Ocean, it was called the Whaler Motel at 2:00 AM PDT. I then slept, ready to drive through the rest of Coastal Oregon, almost.

I hope I did well writing down the move. In 2 years, I'm going to move again.

You almost drove the full length of SR 3. The two-lane road continues north to the end of the Hood Canal Bridge.


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