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Some notes from a trip to Lawton, Duncan, and Ardmore, OK:

Construction is underway along a four-mile stretch of Interstate 44 through Lawton. From Expect construction zone delays in Oklahoma : Interstate 44 is narrowed to one lane in each direction in Lawton in Comanche County for surface and bridge work. All ramps will remain open.

What is up with these span-wire supported overheads!  :wow:

U.S. 281 Business is signed from Interstate 44, but there were no shields posted along the route between the north end and Lee Boulevard, nor were there any shields at the intersection with Oklahoma 7. Justin told us about the Central Mall in Lawton and how the original downtown was bulldozed for its construction in the 1970s. U.S. 281 Business travels around the mall's entrances to the north, east and south, but is not signed there either. Further north construction along the 2nd Street portion of the route north of Gore Avenue resulted in a full closure of the highway.

When did the Duncan bypass open to traffic? There was just one sign for the route along Oklahoma 7 eastbound, and the bypass has no route number. Looking at it on aerials, it appears that right of way exists for possible diamond interchanges along what is otherwise a super-two expressway.

Four-laning of U.S. 70 is underway from the Carter/Jefferson County line east to where the current four-lane portion ends.

Still a few circle shields for Oklahoma 199 posted at A Street SW and North Washington Street in Ardmore. Is there a gap in the state maintenance for Oklahoma 199? The route was fully signed through to the junction with U.S. 77 along eastbound, but once the highway reached E Street SW, reassurance shields were replaced with "TO" trailblazers through to Broadway.

that is a very old Oklahoma standard.  Leave it to me to be suddenly unable to find the photo of the gantry that looks like that with a black guide sign.  I remember it had outline shields: US-66, and a state route in a square.

Revive 755:
Found an almost-exact kill date for the Riverside Expressway in Tulsa:  12-12-1972; the project was dropped to keep parts of the Inner Dispersal Loop from possibly getting killed by the courts. Source article is "Tusla Riverside Project Gets Axe After Long Battle."  The Ada Evening News, 12-12-1972.  There's an identical article on the same date in the Lawton Constitution.

I noticed those overheads a couple years ago when I was through there, but never got a good photo (keep meaning to go back).

Business 281 is poorly signed in Lawton. I guess no one is expected to drive through town.

Lawton also seems to the the capital of garbage dumps motels... especially along Cache Rd.

On I-44 East, Business U.S. 281 is signed on the 1-mile advance sign, but is not signed on the sign at the exit itself. This happened sometime between September 2008 & January 2010.

Before & after pictures of the sign at the exit:

September 2008:
January 2010:


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