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Phrases that are not needed

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Back in CB Radios days when they were ever so popular, there was Emergency Chanel 9 which was monitored by law enforcement 24/7.  What irked me about it was the way dispatchers responded after a distress call.

Instead of asking the caller, how May I be of assistance?  Or saying with a smile on their face ( yes you can hear a smile on radio) “ This is Smithtown Police, how may we help.” You would get straight forward response “ Please describe the nature of your problem”

  Although not rude in tone, it’s still not sounding helpful but like you were wasting his free time at the station and like his thinking mode was “just say it and and end it. I don’t want to be bothered”

What straight forward phrase annoy you in common talk, exclude this forum please..

Max Rockatansky:
“It is what it is. 

"...and I'll be taking care of you this evening."

“Circle back”

When a call is “parked” instead of “on hold”.

— Did you find everything you were looking for OK?

— Well, I didn't see any drinking straws other than the store brand.  I don't know if the PfangleLife brand is just out of stock, or if you stopped carrying them, or what.

— Hmm, yeah, I'm not sure.

Huh?  Don't you care that I didn't find everything I was looking for?  Don't even bother asking me if you're not prepared do something about a No answer.


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