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--- Quote from: Mapmikey on November 02, 2023, 12:57:20 PM ---This is the ramp they mean...

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Thanks. That's the one I thought of, but I wouldn't consider that to be "near" Route 123, especially in view of the map they posted.

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It's signed for VA 123 which may be the source of their description.  If they said "at VA 294" that would confuse people because there is no VA 294 posting NB on the express lanes.

Channel 4 just reported that the remaining new access points for the I-95 HO/T lanes' southern extension will open on December 7.

They have now redone the segments at the south end of I-95 in both directions.  As was predicted, SB the last segment is SR 610 to US 17; NB the first segment is US 17 to the first possible exit, the slip ramp to access Exit 148 Quantico MCB.

Two unusual things:  NB from US 17, the toll rates are shown for Quantico and Dumfries, always the same price.  Because you would use the same Exit 148 slip ramp.  But it is not signed as being for Dumfries.

The other is that at both the SR 610 entrance ramps to NB and the new last entrance ramp from 95 SB to the lanes, they list prices for destinations that are not in the same segment.  Then shortly after entering the lanes you get another set of toll rates if you don't depart at the next exit.  The values are always less than what was on the mainline signs you just went under.  This may be confusing to motorists when they think they should be charged the lower numbers.

Also, they have not expanded the 70 mph zone with the opening of the Quantico area ramps (though there are still some temporary jersey walls up).


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