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Montgomery County, AL votes to join toll road agreement

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Montgomery County, AL has voted to join a public/private parternship to build a toll road connecting Montgomery, Dothan, and I-10 (the "I-10/Dothan Connector"), and possibly also extending to Panama City.

That's great!  This thread just supports a thread I just created about toll roads.  Free alternative.  I used to just be like "interstate or bust", but now I'm also on the toll road bandwagon.  Get it built now!

Most of the article focuses on the stalled Montgomery bypass, which looks on maps that it will support sprawl more than any other traffic movement with the number of planned interchanges displayed on the Alabama official state map.

"Shaw said it could take 12 to 18 months to begin construction on the road."  That's it?   :-o :clap:

I assume if the FLA part will be a Turnpike road.

I am sure it will be in conjunction with the Turnpike Authority, if and when it is built.


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