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golden eagle:
I saw a sign for this while driving on U.S. 84 just west of Laurel, MS today. I looked this up a moment ago and I see that it's a project to four-lane the entire stretch of 84 from Texas to Georgia. Has this project been completed yet? Also, isn't there talk of an interstate from Texas to Georgia? If that's the case, it could render four-laning 84 useless in the future (though a new interstate could be light years away from happening).

Are you referring to a second Texas-to-Georgia interstate?

The last time I looked, there was already one running between Texas and Georgia, called Interstate 20.

I've seen the El Camino Corridor signs in Mississippi and Alabama, but I don't see Louisiana doing anything to U.S. 84 soon.  Up until recently they've only been focused on I-10 and now that they are starting to get serious on I-49, I still don't expect to live to see i completed.

I always thought of the El Camino East/West Corridor more as an Auto Trail designation rather than anything else. There are signs sporadically placed along its route.

Read about some future highway a while back.  It basically sounded like a pipe dream.


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