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--- Quote from: lamsalfl on June 12, 2009, 03:39:50 AM ---What about I-75 from Tampa to the Turnpike?  I've only been on that stretch once and it was a few years ago so I don't remember much.  Is that stretch usually busy, and will it be 6-laned?  Does it need to be?

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With the amount of through traffic on that stretch, it needs to be six-laned. Throw in a RV passing a slower moving RV, and you get the queue effect where ten or more cars lined up in the left-hand lane trying to pass one vehicle. I've witnessed (and been frustrated by it) many times.

The Veterans Bridge along Interstate 75 includes provisions for six lanes at least. I have heard of no immediate plans to do so unfortunately...

From my trip down to Cape Coral last week, it needs to be eight-laned in some sections. It was horrible driving it. Rain, 18-wheelers, vacationers, RV's, dump trucks; all an utter mess. I almost wanted to just take U.S. 301 or U.S. 41 as an alternative but I was trying to do some road photography so I elected to stay and trudge on. I used to use Interstate 75 on a monthly basis when I lived in Gainesville and would visit home. That was back between 1997-2000 and then from 2002-2004, and even then it was in dire need of six-laning. I can't tell you how many times I either got stuck in traffic, stuck behind a dump truck (which would incidently spray their rock pieces onto the road and onto windshields... :banghead:). That stretch is very bad to say the least.

There are several overpasses and bridges (such as the Veterans Bridge over Lake Panasoffkee) that have already been modified for the eventual six-laning. The Veterans Bridge was the start after years of having several accidents on or near the then substandard structure (of which I had to endure a few long traffic back-ups because of). The state decided to standardize the bridge with emergency lanes and went ahead and built it for the eventual widening of the interstate to six-lanes. After that was done, then several interchanges in Hernando county started seeing their overpasses widened. And nothing has changed as of 06/05/09....


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