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Not only that, but it seems fairly well used. Wouldn't you rather use a free-flow loop than a left turn with conflict?

Might also be because using that left-hand turn avoids weaving traffic concerns with the loop ramp from I-70 east to US 29 north? Not that I imagine it gets a huge amount of traffic, but its just a thought...

The first time I saw that, I had assumed maybe there was a construction project or something that necessitated it.
Seeing it again the next time, I realized it wasn't temporary.  I'm guessing it's not a "big deal" cause traffic volumes on the short piece of road north of I-70 isn't very huge.

That being said, every time I've come back from the beach (using 29-to-70) I still just use the loop ramp.

There's also one on US 460 EB for the I-81 NB C/D Road in Christiansburg and I do believe that is for weaving reasons and to somewhat lessen congestion when Virginia Tech has home games.  I plan on using that from now on since one time I almost got in a wreck when I used the loop ramp there.

With both options on US 29 NB, you can access I-70 WB from either lane without needing to change lanes.  When you don't  have to wait for oncoming traffic for the left turn option, it's faster due to the lesser length of the ramp.

The same is true on Shawan Road WB to get to I-83 SB a few interchanges north of the Baltimore Beltway.


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