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Puget Sound Gateway Program (WA-167 and WA-509 Extensions)

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--- Quote from: jakeroot on January 27, 2023, 07:29:35 AM ---First, unless every diagram is wrong, the “509 Spur” moniker is being dropped, and the whole freeway will be called 167. So, exiting I-5 southbound, you can now stay left towards “NORTH, Puyallup”, or “SOUTH, Tacoma”. Brilliant.

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Keeping it 167 the whole way would certainly be less confusing from a numbering standpoint, but the cardinal directions would definitely be rather nonsensical! I almost wonder if WSDOT would simply drop the directions altogether in this section and rely solely on control cities if they do go with 167.

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This's why I still support ending SR 167 at the 410 junction, and numbering the new freeway as an extension of 410.

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This always seemed most logical to me. I believe the only reason WSDOT is sticking with 167 is because it has always been planned as 167.

I do wonder what the plan is for River Road once 167 moves to the new freeway. I hope it's not gonna be some damn spur. Maybe they plan to move 410 to River Road  :-D.

The sign plans for SR 509 Stage 1B seem to imply that the new tollway will be signed as just "24th Avenue" instead of SR 509 until the next stage is done.

FWIW, the SR 167 sign plans still show SR 509 Spur around the Port of Tacoma.

Signing it as simply "24th" does make a lot more sense, although I am admittedly hoping for some BGSs with green-outs before the 509 is totally finished.

I suspect the change from 509 Spur to 167 in Tacoma was quite recent, documents still showed "509 Spur" until quite recently. These sign plans would be a couple years old.

A recent flyover video of Sound Transit's Federal Way Link Extension, which includes footage of the SR 509 project:



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