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Have the exit numbers along I-795 been corrected to reflect its mileage and not US 117's?

Inspired by the "Garden Pkwy" thread even though not related to it, the new NCTA has also sped up the process on the Mid-Currituck Bridge connecting US 158 on the mainland to NC 12 on the Outer Banks around Corolla.  Honestly I don't believe that the connection will relieve that much traffic on US 158(and it won't north of the bridge) and NC 12 as most head to Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills anyhow.

$659.2 million for that span!  :wow:

Having driven NC-12 up to Corolla many times, that cost is unjustified. The road more or less serves a number of expensive beach homes, including vacation residences of Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis.

And No Build is the option they should take...

Tell me if my understanding of the Greensboro Urban Loop is correct.

I had read a Wikipedia article and saw a YouTube video, concerning the routing of I-40 in/around Greensboro, NC. I-40 and I-85 were moved out of Downtown Greensboro, to follow the southern bypass toward Durham and Raleigh. Then, because of protests from residents (and confusion between I-40 and I-40 Business), I-40 was moved back through Greensboro, eliminating I-40 Business altogether. Also, I-85 is still along the southern portion of the Loop.

Again, is my understanding of this routing correct?

Lastly, is I-40 East through Greensboro a quicker route to Raleigh-Durham? Or is I-85 North around Greensboro quicker to get to Raleigh-Durham?
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