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Logging Into Tapatalk on Mobile Devices

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OK, I had some trouble finding out how to log into Tapatalk after I heard that the forum was available on that app. I decided to post how I was able to log into the forum. This works on both Android and iOS. I have no idea if the app has the same interface in Windows Phone or not.

When you install the app, don't go straight into the "accounts" tab on the left. It doesn't work. Instead, you have to go to "Explore" and look up "AARoads forum" in the search bar. The forum will come up, and you can login by tapping on the login icon.

Regarding Windows Phone, I can confirm. Unfortunately, the operating system does not allow taking screenshots. :( I might need to get myself an Android.

Just logged in on the Android Tapatalk app (type "aaroads" in search box). Hadn't used Tapatalk in a while, and initially, it wouldn't let me use the beta version of the app. There is a free version of the latest Tapatalk  available to download in Play Store. However, for owners of older phones, or people that don't like the new interface, they still have the 'classic' version available for download, which is roughly 1/3 of the size and works well:

(requires installation of non-market apps selected in settings)

Can we wordfilter " iPhone - now Free" (and whatever the equivalent is on other devices) into blank?

There's an option within the app itself to remove that on the user's end, at least on Android.


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