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Why not a brand new highway between Mont-Joli, QC and Campbellton, NB?

Started by Richard3, June 27, 2023, 01:45:16 AM

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In order to improve safety on the road, it is important to separate transit traffic from local one.  A great way to go in that direction would be a brand new highway between Mont-Joli, QC, where the last section of A-20 come to an end, and Campbellton, NB, to connect directly to NB route 11 with a new bridge out of any urban area.

It's sure that the actual traffic figures don't show the need for an Interstate-like freeway on all the length, but to have taken the 132 several times, on daytime as well as on overnight, there's a lot of heavy traffic there, especially in the Matapedia River Valley, so we would start with some by-passes around towns like Mont-Joli, Amqui and Causapscal, and close the gaps between them as well as it becomes necessary, for volume and/or safety reasons.  This freeway could be the continuation of A-20, or it may have another number as well.

Your opinion?
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Since this is not Fictional Highways, my thought is the following: All of the Gaspe is served by 132. Yes, there are two halves to it, but it's one road with a few cutoffs. I do not agree that what you are talking about is warranted. 132 gets crowded during the summer, but when I went on an actual summer day it wasn't bad except for a couple of small towns along the shore. Campbellton is a nice local municipality that serves its region, but it is not a major draw overall. A-85 is intended for through traffic, leave this as local traffic and let the wilderness be.


Having been to Amqui multiple times, it's just not that busy to warrant a freeway. Most of QC 132 in Amqui is four lanes anyways.
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Not to mention terrain.  Punching an autoroute through, say, here looks expensive.
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