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Started by paulthemapguy, April 03, 2024, 04:22:12 PM

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I made a website where you can see my completed shield galleries for every numbered highway within Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan! Furthermore, if you click on any of the shield images, you will be whisked away to a new page for that highway, with information about the highway and a context photo that gave me the cropped shield image!  There is also a national page, where I am showing my collection of MOST of the US highways and Interstates found anywhere in the United States!

Illinois clickable shield gallery:
Indiana clickable shield gallery:
Ohio clickable shield gallery:
Michigan clickable shield gallery:
Iowa clickable shield gallery:
National clickable shield gallery:

Feel free to explore other parts of the site, like my detailed guide on interchange configurations, a glossary of roadgeek jargon, reflections on national parks I've visited, and more.
Avatar is the last interesting highway I clinched.
My website! Now featuring all of Ohio!
My USA Shield Gallery
TM Clinches

National collection status: 385/425. Only 40 route markers remain!

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