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Now I'm going to go back to Minnesota, but for one very specific example: MN-101, or rather, the fragments of MN-101 in Carver County and what has now become CR-101 in Hennepin, Scott, and parts of Carver County. MN-101 was supposed to be eliminated south of I-94 back in 1988 (except for the part between US-169 and MN-13, which remains as an unsigned state highway), and while Hennepin and Scott Counties took the road, Carver refused, initially. Upgrades to the route have been occurring slowly and these upgraded portions have become Carver County road 101. The two portions of the road that remain two-lane road are still marked as MN-101, one in the northern part of the county, and one in the southern part.

This is the north END of the northern remaining Carver County segment, at the Carver/Hennepin County line. Taken May 2014.

NB END MN-101:

SB END CR-101:

There is no marker at the south end of the northern segment—the route just vanishes once it reaches MN-5. Likewise, for the southern segment, there is no END marker at the northern terminus; however, the signal at the intersection with Pioneer Trail does show the change in jurisdiction.

For the south end of the southern segment, there is an END marker posted, which is at Flying Cloud Drive/CR-61/former US-212. Taken July 2016.

That intersection was not always the southern terminus of the southern segment. Before 2015, when the highway was reconstructed across the Minnesota River and its floodplain, MN-101 went all the way to the Carver/Scott county line. Both taken May 2014.

SB END MN-101:

NB END Scott CR-101:

Finally, Scott County has the other end of CR-101 doubly marked with END markers at the point at which it resumes being an unmarked state highway. Taken May 2014.


PA-116 at U.S. 30 west of York, Pennsylvania, 08/02/2016

PA-124 approaches its east end at PA-624/PA-425 at the borough of East Prospect, Pennsylvania east of York, 08/15/2016

PA-516 approaches its north end at PA-116 at the borough of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, between Hanover and York, 08/02/2016

PA-851 approaches its east end at PA-74 at a roundabout in Peach Bottom Township, York County, Pennsylvania just outside of the borough of Delta, 07/15/2016

U.S. Route 222 Business merges back with mainline U.S. 222 southbound to the south of Reading, Pennsylvania, 08/09/2016

PA-472 approaches its southeast end in Elk Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, at the point where PA-841 becomes MD-213, 07/05/2016

An "END MD-3" marker along northbound Interstate 97 around Severna Park, Maryland, intended for drivers who just merged in from Exit 7; until the early-'90s, Route 3 made it all the way to Baltimore city and there was no I-97; 07/18/2016

Round two from me

Southbound MD-3 merges into U.S. 301 at Bowie, Maryland, 08/24/2016

NJ-55 feeds into NJ-42, which then segues into Interstate 76, south of Camden, New Jersey, 08/15/2016

DE-4 approaches its west end at DE-2/DE-279 at Newark, Delaware, 08/08/2016

PA-772 nears its west end at PA-441 at the borough of Marietta, Pennsylvania on Lancaster County's Susquehanna shoreline, 07/27/2016

PA-283 officially ends at a traffic signal just past the I-283 interchange south of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The only one I know I have for sure (duh, because it's here...):

Max Rockatansky:
CA 178 END:


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