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END signs

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Just my luck, the wiper began its cycle right when my wife snapped the picture. Taken last May on the new Goldsboro Bypass.

Second batch of them, this time from Iowa.

South END of IA-17 in Granger. Taken January 2017.

North END of IA-28 in Johnston/Urbandale. Taken December 2016.

South END of IA-144 in Perry. Taken January 2017.

North END of IA-149 in Williamsburg. Taken December 2016.

And I'll finish this post with the south END of US-151 at I-80. Taken December 2016.


--- Quote from: MNHighwayMan on February 09, 2017, 06:01:00 PM ---
North end of IA-28 in Johnston/Urbandale

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Interstate shields are too pointy.


--- Quote from: 1 on February 09, 2017, 06:03:04 PM ---Interstate shields are too pointy.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that whole thing is pretty weird. The panel on the left says South/West 35/80 but then doesn't give any directions, as if you're already on those routes, and the panel on the right gives an angled arrow even though it's a 90 degree right turn to get onto the freeway.

Edit: bonus picture, the second, independent END IA-28 marker that is posted further up, right before the south set of ramps. Taken December 2016.

You know, when looked through this thread, I thought the only END signs I had were the ones used at dead end streets in New York City, like on 193rd Street on the north side of Hollis LIRR station or East 105th Street at the eponymous L train station. Then I checked, and I was reminded of this one;


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