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US-287 between Fort Worth (and Ennis) and Wichita Falls if not Amarillo thread

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Road Hog:
TxDOT is holding a public meeting in Midlothian Sept. 14 on a project to add frontage roads on US 287 in Ellis County. Here's the link to the public notice:

Regarding the US 81/287 concurrency from I-35W to Bowie, TxDOT uses US 81, not US 287 in their annual UTP reports. I find their use of US 81 distinguishes the segment well as further southeast, there is quite a bit of work occurring on US 287 as shown in the reply above, near or within the Fort Worth district.

 There was ongoing thread discussion about this segment last year.


--- Quote from: MaxConcrete ---I've said it before and I'll say it again: money flows to rural highways which have strong political advocacy for improvements.
--- End quote ---

Political advocacy can help push through highway improvements or even block a highway project from happening. But this is a situation that goes beyond political advocacy. It's a matter of people at agencies like TX DOT opening their freaking eyes.

It's as if these people think nothing has changed in the DFW region over the past 20 years.

Development is exploding along US-287 and TX-114 from Rhome to the East and Southeast. Both of those highways need to be brought up to Interstate standards from the Rhome split to their interchanges with I-35W. US-287 as least has a chance to get upgraded into a freeway from I-35W to the South side of Decatur since it has enough ROW in place to make it happen. Building out continuous frontage roads would be a good start. TX-114 between US-287 and I-35W is a tighter squeeze. That road is facing just as urgent a situation as US-287. While US-287 North of Fort Worth is getting utterly surrounded by new residential subdivisions TX-114 is seeing a boom in new logistical warehouses. In either case it means a lot more new traffic turning onto these highways from at-grade intersections.

TX-DOT has an expensive mess on its hands having to deal with US-380 between Denton and McKinney. In the past TX DOT was pretty good at planning ahead with corridor development. That's visible from how US-287 was built going Southeast out of Wichita Falls; there's a wide median big enough to hold new freeway main lanes at a future time. They could have easily done something similar with that section of US-380 back in the early 1990's when it was already obvious new development in DFW was rapidly spreading in that direction. Instead, they sat on their hands, doing nothing. TX DOT is going to be facing similar messes with US-287 and TX-114 if they don't start getting proactive.

Will the NTE Texpress lanes be expanded to create US-287 Texpress Lanes or will only the free lanes be expanded?

I don't expect any express lanes to be built on US-287 going Northwest of the I-35W split. As that area North of Fort Worth continues to blow up with residential and commercial development US-287 will have to be expanded to at least a 3x3 lanes configuration, if not 4x4. There is enough room to do that. I think it would be really stupid if they pulled an I-820 stunt and built a 2x2x2x2 facility. It would be a tight squeeze and gain nothing over a 4x4 configuration.

Right now TX DOT just has to focus on getting the minimal basic things accomplished. The damned frontage roads need to be completed up to Avondale already. That is 20+ years overdue. Then they need to finish the frontage roads up to the TX-114 interchange in Rhome. That's also badly overdue. And they also have to get cracking on the incomplete frontage roads between Rhome and Decatur. Bare minimum, US-287 needs to be Interstate quality between the I-35W split and South edge of Decatur.


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