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Revive 755:
^ By the time NDOR even gets the funds to seriously consider widening out there, the traffic might be there.  I think I-80 is one of those interstates that suffers from large seasonal fluctuations in traffic, so during vacation season it gets much closer to needing six lanes.

Then at NDOR's public meeting on the planned NE 2/US 75 SPUI at Nebraska City, I heard two things that indicate truck traffic might skyrocket on I-80 in the future.  First there are supposed to be major problems and possible restrictions on I-70 west of Denver.  Second, and more likely, truck traffic will drastically increase on NE 2 between I-80 and I-29 once the Lincoln bypass is complete.  Whether this is new truck traffic or truck traffic that is currently taking a different routes I'm not sure.

Revive 755:
Article a few days ago mainly about the delaying of the South Lincoln Beltway, but there's extremely brief mention of having to update the environmental documents for a few other expressway projects, such as the Heartland Expressway and NE 35 corridor (Norfolk to Sioux City).

If a truck is going from Wyoming to KC/STL/etc, I-80 to NE-2 to I-29 is the fastest way, even with all the traffic through Lincoln. So, any uptick would revolve around other means.

Now, a trucker won't take I-70 through western Colorado unless absolutely necessary, so the only issue would be: I-70 west to I-25 north to I-80 west, or I-70 west, to I-29 north to NE-2 west to I-80 west. Eliminate Lincoln, and that becomes the better way through.

Nebraska's stretch (and Iowa's) of I-80 are overloaded. Forget traffic counts, drive the road sometime. The problem isn't volume, it's the truck traffic. I-80 is a crucial shipping lane for points east and points west along the middle of the country. And from Joliet, IL west (aside from cities), it's two-lanes each way until just east of Sacramento.

Sure, the Nevada, Utah, Wyoming stretches are less congested, up until the I-80/I-76 split in Big Spring, Nebraska, the traffic chokes the road.


If you think I-80 through Nebraska is boring, give I-70 through Kansas a try. Ugh..

I love such freeways. Wyoming would probably a great place for me  :love:


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