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According to Wikipedia (, Washington State Route 28 has a spur route in East Wenatchee. I'm trying to figure out which one is the spur route. Is the spur route only the eastbound lanes, the one-way roadway closest to the Columbia River? It's certainly not signed, in any case.

This diagram footnoted in the Wiki article seems to show the route from the split south of Wenatchee to the roundabout as the spur, calling it "SR 28 SP" instead of "SR 28". So, not the route along the river, though it doesn't appear to be signed as such in the field.

The Ghostbuster:
I tried clicking on the link and got the "Hmmm… can't reach this page" message. Is there another way to access the page?


There are other spur routes that aren't signed, of course, such as the spur routes for US Route 730 and Washington State Route 14, but there it's clearer where the spur routes are, whether you're driving them yourself or looking at them on Google Maps. In the case of the latter, US Route 97 northbound actually gets a reassurance shield too early while still on the spur of Washington State Route 14 heading eastbound: What's confusing me on Washington State Route 28 is that its spur route connects back to the main highway, which is unusual. That goes very much against the definition of a spur route, at least for non-Interstate highways: For interstates, I know it's more common for some of them to connect back to the main highway, such as Interstate 405, but I've never seen non-Interstate highway spurs connect back to the main highway.

The interchange diagram shows the eastern lanes that lead into SR 285 are labeled as SR 28 Spur. The eastbound thru lanes on the river are the mainline and there's a "couplet" that connects the westbound thru traffic from the spur to the mainline again.


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