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US-341 Northern End has been shortened.

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I just got a responce back finally from Google about my report of them "eliminating" the new route from their maps.......

--- Quote ---Hi James,

The Google Maps problem you reported has been reviewed. We're currently unable to address issues of this type. We will keep your report and hope to do more to improve our map data in future.

Report history
Problem ID:

Your report: US-41 has been rerouted to this point on a new bypass of Barnesville, GA to intersect US-341 here. Then US-41 takes over all of US-341 North of here to the old intersection of US-41 & US-341 North of town. The old route of US-41 was turned over to the town. This can all be verified via StreetView. Plus, before your data change, it was correct on your maps.
Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team
--- End quote ---

Google must be on crack if they couldn't even take a five second look @ StreetView in that area because I've used that responce on other ones and they have had no problems....


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