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Florida's Turnpike to go cashless over the entire system

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The cashless system is already coming to the Homestead Extension of the Florida's Turnpike, milepost 0 through Exit 47.  The Turnpike Enterprise will now begin moving toward an entirely cashless Turnpike in the future.

The details are here:,0,7442287.story


--- Quote ---The all-electronic toll plazas don't require large tracts of land. In Miami-Dade County, an upcoming widening project is expected to cost $60 million less without accommodations for toll booths.
--- End quote ---

The savings sounds worthwhile, and the removal of the existing older style plazas will be a nice change when driving the Turnpike.

Glad to hear that the entire system will be cashless. It certainly will free up traffic tie ups that often occur at the Okahumpka toll plaza between U.S. 27 (Exit 289) and Florida 19 (Exit 285), especially during holiday weekends.

I wonder if the total cashless system will eventually reach the Turnpike Enterprise's other toll facilities, such as the Polk Parkway (Florida 570), Suncoast Parkway (Florida 589), and the portions of the Florida Greeneway (Florida 417) and Beeline (or Beachline as everyone else calls it) Expressway in central Florida (Florida 528)?

It's always going to be Beeline to me. The only possible way for the system to go cashless on SR 528 is for every rental car to have E-Pass installed.

Well, until the "universal transponder" arrives, that's another road off my list.

On the other hand, I've lived nearly 45 years without ever taking Florida's Turnpike so I'm sure to have a real effect.  :)


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