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Dallas: Southern Gateway project - Complete Sept 2022

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Road Hog:
It's fabulous now, but it sucked a month ago when they scrunched 4 lanes into 1 to install signage.

Now we need to get 67 finished and fully opened up.

-- US 175 --:
Really nice looking.  Strange to see mixmaster interchange BGSes (I-30, US 75) much farther south than before, but I guess that's better than last-minute surprises and drivers missing exits.

Isn't 67 being rebuilt between I-35E and I-20?


--- Quote from: longhorn on September 23, 2022, 04:53:37 PM ---Isn't 67 being rebuilt between I-35E and I-20?

--- End quote ---

Yes, and it is complete between I-35E and I-20. Work on this section was much less ambitious than the work on I-35E. US 67 on this section is now 3-1E-3 (E=reversible express).
This link has some photos

South of I-20 to Belt Line, the Southern Gateway project widened US 67 to 3x3. I didn't visit that section so I don't know if it is complete.

-- US 175 --:
Dallas Leaders Celebrate Completion of Southern Gateway Reconstruction Project


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