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I-5 Bridge Over Shasta Lake

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Did anyone know that a replacement is planned?

I had no idea. What are the current lake levels these days?

So where the heck is California gonna get the money?

Obama's stimulus plan, probably. Plus we do have a budget now. The next one is due in June. Sigh.

I just took a look at the description of the project on the Caltrans District 2 web site (  It will be a new five-lane bridge (2 lanes northbound and 3 lanes southbound -- just like the current one), but on a new alignment.  It will therefore supersede the existing bridge.  Caltrans says that the existing bridge is nearing the end of its design life.

If you look for it yourself on the District 2 web site, note that Caltrans refers to it as the "Antlers Bridge Replacement."


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