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Update on I-69 Extension in Indiana

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--- Quote from: dvferyance on September 23, 2023, 08:00:31 PM ---Indiana does it better than Wisconsin with putting roundabouts by freeways.

--- End quote ---
Illinois is beginning to, also. I-57 & IL 149 at West Frankfurt will become a roundabout diamond instead of the traditional diamond it is now

So does I-69 technically go all the way up to Southport road now?  :hmmm:

Everything up to where the I-465 interchange is marked Future 69 (with the future signs looking VERY temporary looking)


Here's another batch of screenshots from INDOT traffic cameras:

INDOT Traffic Camera
Last Friday the northbound roadway in the vicinity of the Smith Valley Road interchange received its final strip of concrete pavement. With the northbound exit ramp to Smith Valley Road already paved up, the only remaining major element to be completed at the interchange is the northbound entrance ramp.

INDOT Traffic Camera
The view in the other direction; looking southeast. As paving is now complete, attention will now shift to the median and the installation of the median barrier, which will probably be a double-faced guardrail.

INDOT Traffic Camera
On the south side of Indianapolis, work continues on the north abutment for the southbound mainline bridge over Banta Road. Also, work is underway to lower Banta Road in the area, with the milling of pavement the first step.

INDOT Traffic Camera
View looking north from the State Road 144 interchange. According to I-69 Finish Line newsletter, the paving of the two small northbound sections in this area — one south of the bridge over Bluff Creak, the other north — will be getting underway this week and next.

INDOT Traffic Camera
A few days ago, thick early morning fog enveloped areas in south-central Indiana. Here's what is looked like at the Smith Valley Road interchange.

INDOT Traffic Camera
On I-465, the future eastbound lanes are now receiving their concrete pavement between Bluff Road and Harding Street. A sliver of the future eastbound bridge over Harding Street is in the lower right. Good chance the crane will be used to lift the bridge deck finisher into place.

INDOT Traffic Camera
Also on I-465, pounding piles for the future eastbound bridge over Haueisen Ditch just west of the SR 37/Harding Street interchange. Although this will be a short bridge, it will be wide, carrying four lanes of traffic. It appears there are sheet piles on site, so they might be constructing cofferdams. They will do what they need to do to complete the bridge in timely fashion.

INDOT Traffic Camera
Zoomed in view looking west toward the Harding Street exit ramp, with the I-69 interchange work zone in the background.

Couple of grabs from the I-69 Finish Line newsletter:

I-69 Finish Line newsletter
Looking east toward the future I-465 eastbound mainline bridge over the White River on the south side of Indianapolis. From this vantage point, it appears the plan is to shift all I-465 traffic, both westbound and eastbound, to the new eastbound lanes when they complete. That will allow work to commence on the future westbound lanes as well as the abutments for the I-69 interchange flyovers. In the deep background, the road veering off right is the future ramp to I-69S.

I-69 Finish Line newsletter
I-465/US 31-East Street interchange; looking west.

INDOT Traffic Camera
One more. An evening view of the newly paved northbound lanes at the Smith Valley Road interchange.

Biggest issue is the remaining stopllights. In my opinion INDOT has been keeping the remaining stoplight intersections open far far to long.

Fairview is the last stoplight intersection I belive, and its super dangerous as everything else looks interstate and its been rear end buttbanger city.
I know there are businesses there that will end up getting screwed pretty hard, but might as well get it done sooner then later.


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