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Has anyone pretended to be your friend on FB to tell you that won money?

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I recently thought my friend John had accidentally defriended me and wanted to re-friend me, so I obliged.  After all it happens sometimes to even me, where I tried to get some old acquaintance of mine to stop posting on my wall as he would post absurd comments.  In doing so, I accidentally defriended him.

Well anyway, I though John did so, but when John told me that he saw my name on a list for the Steve Harvey Foundation I became suspicious to say the least.   After all previously John witnessed me almost get scammed by a former classmate of ours from High School who used the same MO and verbage " I saw you name on the list when I picked up my half grand" I knew something was up.  Then I googled Steve Harvey Foundation and read what it was about and then later saw my friend John had two FB accounts and one photo had a white dove in his photo.  I then PM him to find out it wasn't him.

As far as the other former classmate, I caught on when he tried to ask me for my password to Facebook.  I, of course, then blocked him and also found out that this other guy was obnoxious in HS and not of good character even then.   So I thought it was either him or another con man or both.  Of course, I am never going to give out passwords and such.

However, I am surprised that there actually are people who would be willing to give out personal information, for the fact that these scammers do such things.  I would figure that is a no brainer, but then again so did i think that no one who didn't read a large overhead road sign on a strange freeway was a no brainer until I became a toll collector years ago either.

Has anyone tried to pretend to be your friend who was not?

Max Rockatansky:
My Aunt seems to be the target of fake/cloned social media accounts for some reason.  I get requests from said scam accounts all the time.

I get two kinds of fake friend requests on FB:

One is a very new account from what purports to be a very attractive woman in her 20s, wearing skimpy attire. Pretty clearly no such woman is interested in me, so I just delete these.

The second is also a very new account that is spoofing an actual friend of mine, usually using the actual person's profile pic as their own. I report those and delete them.

Never had anybody suggest that I'd won money though.

I hate the ones where an attractive woman you donít even know requests friend. I always ignore.

Then in my text messages I get someone looking for a Fred, Alex, Paul, etc. I first responded with no one here by those names to then hear them respond ď Oh Iím sorry.  Oh BTW whatís your name, I am a lonely gal and could use the chatĒ Of course that I can tell is a phisher and told her to phish somewhere else.
Iíve been told the Phillipines is where most of those type of texts originate and it seems to be a big scam going there. Young girls looking for rich US sugar daddy uses wrong number texts to grab attention to one.  Then they find one who gives them the money they need this way. 

Sad it happens and sadder that guys fall for it.  I now donít even respond at all to these.


--- Quote from: Max Rockatansky on September 27, 2022, 10:43:17 AM ---My Aunt seems to be the target of fake/cloned social media accounts for some reason.
--- End quote ---

I've had two relatives that have fallen for that (not sure how). I contacted each by phone, and reported each of the "dupe"-licate accounts.

I don't get many questionable attempts; maybe one has tried in a dozen years. I'm not terribly active on FB.


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