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I didn't see this mentioned elsewhere... Last Thursday, August 6, 2015, a groundbreaking was held for the expansion of the US 95 and Clark County 215 interchange northwest of downtown Las Vegas. This project will provide additional high speed ramps and will factor into eventual creation of a full-access, high-speed interchange between the two freeways. Due to eventual growth in this area, this interchange is anticipated to be among the Las Vegas metro area's busiest.

--- Quote ---(The interchange project that broke ground on August 6 represents the) $46.7 million third phase of the Centennial Bowl project in northwest Las Vegas.

The project will add two of four direct-connection ramps at the intersection of U.S. Highway 95 and the 215 Beltway. The phase that began Thursday will develop ramps from northbound U.S. 95 to the eastbound Beltway and the westbound Beltway to southbound U.S 95.

The latter ramp will be the highlight of the entire project, a two-lane 2,365-foot flyover bridge that will climb 60 feet high. Construction of the big bridge structure won't occur until about a year from now, but workers will begin drilling 10 80-foot holes to build the steel-reinforced concrete columns that will support the bridge sections. ...

Several agencies are contributing money to the project. It's being built with $19.5 million in federal funding, $6.4 million each from the state and the Regional Transportation Commission and $14.4 million from the Clark County Regional Flood Control District.

The Flood Control District's contribution is paying for construction of a drainage culvert network beneath the road system and will be in the initial portion of construction.

About 107,500 vehicles use the ramps and Beltway daily at the interchange today, but by 2036, based on population projections and local residential development, the number is expected to climb to 160,000 vehicles a day.

That would make the Centennial Bowl interchange the second busiest in the state behind the Spaghetti Bowl, but ahead of the 215 Beltway-U.S. 95 interchange in Henderson, the U.S. 95-Summerlin Parkway and Reno's Interstate 80-Interstate 580 interchange.

When will the remaining flyover ramps – northbound U.S. 95 to the westbound Beltway and southbound U.S. 95 to the eastbound Beltway – be built?

That's going to depend upon the availability of funding and it gave Ross the opportunity to present a hard sell on a vote to extend fuel revenue indexing in 2016.

The fuel revenue indexing program enables the Regional Transportation Commission to impose up to a 10-cents-a-gallon tax over a three-year period. Next year, voters will consider whether to extend the program by 10 years.

Ross said if the program is approved, the Centennial Bowl interchange could be completed within four years. If it isn't, the outlook is completion within 16 years.
--- End quote ---

The article I think is mistaken a bit, where it says this phase of the project Will add two of four direct connection ramps. There will be eight direct connection ramps between the two freeways (allowing movements in all directions between the two freeways), where currently only the eastbound 215 to southbound 95 ramp exists (albeit not currently in its final configuration but is mostly complete). This project will add the two ramps that I would guess have the greatest travel demand--NB to EB is probably the next easiest ramp to construct and is currently the most indirect existing movement, while WB to SB will be the most challenging ramp to build.

A side note: The groundbreaking ceremony announcement was the first mention I've seen of the "Centennial Bowl" name for this interchange. I guess NDOT decided to put a formal name on this interchange. The other 215 beltway interchanges don't really have names (officially-recognized by NDOT or colloquial) -- it's just the Spaghetti Bowl downtown with a formal name, and the "Rainbow Curve" (US 95/Rainbow/Summerlin Pkwy) interchange informal name that has gradually become more official in NDOT usage over many years.

Resurrecting this thread to note that the first ramp of the new interchange -- US 95 north to CC 215 east -- opened today.

--- Quote ---Nevada Department of Transportation crews opened a ramp that will move traffic from northbound U.S. Highway 95 to the eastbound 215 Beltway late Friday afternoon.

It’s the first portion of a freeway interchange that is expected to become the second busiest in the state behind the Spaghetti Bowl crossing of U.S. 95 and Interstate 15. Transportation officials say about 107,500 motorists use the Centennial Bowl every day.

The new ramp gives motorists heading east on the Beltway an easier and faster route. Eastbound traffic has been required to exit at a ramp connecting to Buffalo Drive and Sky Pointe Drive near the Centennial Crossroads Plaza shopping center.

... The second big piece of the interchange is still several months away from completion. A large portion of a flyover ramp that will take westbound Beltway traffic to southbound U.S. 95 is built, but completion isn’t planned until early 2017.
--- End quote ---

Desert Man:
Las Vegas has HUGE traffic issues, not just the fast-growing number of year-round residents, the tourists! The edges of the Las Vegas area spells further and further outward. But, 16 years to complete? C'mon...they can do that quicker.


--- Quote from: Desert Man on May 28, 2016, 06:38:52 AM ---Las Vegas has HUGE traffic issues, not just the fast-growing number of year-round residents, the tourists! The edges of the Las Vegas area spells further and further outward. But, 16 years to complete? C'mon...they can do that quicker.

--- End quote ---

I don't really know that NDOT can do this quicker... Much of NDOT's construction money in the Las Vegas area will be tied up in Project Neon over the next several years. That is a much more high priority project that serves way more traffic daily. Clark County built the initial facilities without NDOT money.

If the current Fuel Revenue Indexing program is extended (the three-year pilot is set to end this December, if Clark County voters don't vote to extend it in November), then the future phases of the Centennial Bowl project will likely proceed faster. This phase got underway a bit earlier than planned, due to an infusion of FRI funds. (FRI funding is also what got NDOT & RTC going on the Boulder City Bypass/future I-11 project now–NDOT was going to be much slower in getting started on the second half that RTC picked up responsibility for.)


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