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rawr apples:
I could possibly provide pictures of Portlands freeways, since I live here, and also Detroits freeways since im going there in March and i'll have the car. Also anything else about those cities just let me know and I can try and help out

I have photos of U.S. 26, all the Interstates, Oregon 224 and 217 (which are already posted), some photos of Oregon 99W, and photos through downtown. They are all from 2006. Matt is working on updates to his Portland page right now. Otherwise I could use help with captions for the photos I have.

Thus far I have nothing for Detroit and hope to go there myself this year!

rawr apples:
ohhh alright..yeah, the Michigan page looks kind of sad, i'll make sure to take a lot of pictures while im there

Yup, I have nothing else photographed in Michigan right now. I want to head up there and extensively drive the Interstate system this year.

At this point, I've got all of Michigan's Interstate highways clinched, except for an 18 mile stretch of I-196 between Exits 44 & 62 (between Holland & Grand Rapids).  I could've clinched them on Labor Day, too, if it wasn't for a darn flat tire...

Oh well, there's always later this year.  :)


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