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Old Boston Central Artery pics?

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Anybody have any pics of the old central artery (I-93) in Boston?  I know the old artery had some really cool old signage and other features. Or any new pics of the new underground tunnel?

Is I-93 really 5-lanes up there?  I saw a pic of the tunnel entrance and it was only 3.  maybe i'm thinking of the wrong pic.

There are a very few photos on my I-93 page, but unfortunately I was too new to having a camera to have thought about it properly and gotten more while I was up there.  I-93 was only ever 3 lanes in each direction up on the viaduct.  You can see a bit of it at (and link around to other Big Dig pages).

Here is the only good shot I have of the I-93 tunnel:

I know the feeling about roads which no longer exist. I've driven along some of them all the time and never took any pictures when I had the opportunity.


--- Quote from: PennDOTFan on July 06, 2009, 12:29:16 AM ---Here is the only good shot I have of the I-93 tunnel:

--- End quote ---
He was looking for the old central artery


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