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Ghost Towns/Ruins?

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Anyone been to/explored any ghost towns or ruins? Theres two ghost towns in the San Angelo area, Carlsbad, and Ben Ficklin. Theres several ruins at Big Bend National Park. Ben Ficklin is more of ruins, it is now a new housing development, but at Ben Ficklin Cemetery theres still the foundation of old buildings.
Heres some mine ruins at Big Bend

There's this thread in the Northeast section about Centralia, PA.

Alps: has them listed by state - just pick one at a time.
I've been to Hanton City, RI - - and of course, the near-ghost town of Centralia, PA -

Why is Cedar Key, FL a ghost town? If a place has residents, it's not a ghost town  :-D  FAIL!

They should have tried Atsena Otie Key, which is right across the water from Cedar Key.  :clap:

But yes, been through quite a few on past road trips. They're always interesting to visit, with all the lore and myths behind what happened to their demise...and sometimes paranormal activity  :biggrin:

Another ghost town, Rhyolite, Nevada was previewed on an episode of Life After People.

Andy and I drove near there last year, but I had no idea it existed at the time.  :banghead:


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