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Bikes on I-76?

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--- Quote from: Henry on August 03, 2021, 10:43:19 AM ---There has to be a dividing line between where bikes are allowed on freeways vs. where they are forbidden. Perhaps, I'm guessing that TX, OK, KS, NE and the two Dakotas are the furthest east where you could take your bike onto the freeway, am I right?

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I'm sure it's a combination of alternative access, traffic counts on the rural interstate, shoulder width and condition, and requests from cyclists in the area. Given all that, I could easily see bikes allowed on the shoulder of rural interstates in MN, WI, MI, ME, NH, VT...

The Ghostbuster:
The other day, here in Madison, I saw a bicyclist riding on the shoulder of STH 30 eastbound between Exits 1B (Fair Oaks Avenue) and Exit 1C (US 51/Stoughton Road). I still think bicycles and freeways do not mix.


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