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Inspired by a couple comments in the "Random Thoughts" thread, this thread is about showcasing what you would consider your signature or trademark thread. Maybe it has a lot of views or replies, perhaps it has your greatest roadgeek contributions, or maybe it's simply your most iconic.

Here's what I would probably consider to be mine:

Most Crucial to Forum Lore:
"Your Favorite Forum Quotes" (also happens to be the thread where I stumbled upon the fact that SafeSpeeder was a sockpuppet)

My Fictional Highways Thread:
"CoreySamson's Fictional Interstate Plans"

Best Overall Contribution (in my opinion):
"General Houston-area projects thread"

Lowest route number you haven't been on (although Rothman's taken over that one)
Road Sign UNO
Changing one letter of a thread title
Single ideas that aren't enough for their own thread
Compilation: FritzOwl in one thread


--- Quote from: 1 on March 03, 2022, 04:10:46 PM ---Road Sign UNO

--- End quote ---

Yes, thank you for taking that snarky idea from me and turning it into an actual thread.  It went way better than I expected (which is why I didn't bother making one to begin with).  :)


* What the....????!!!!!!
* Toll road service area positioning
* SunPass query as to residents of E-ZPass states (lousy subject line, good useful thread)
* Local restaurants you've found and liked (I'm guessing one forum user finds the idea of seeking such information, rather than just going to national chains, abhorrent)

I've only started about 20 threads in 10 years; mostly for my own amusement and not expecting many replies.

I had a lot of fun with this one and received lots of help: Roads Underneath Airport Runways and/or Taxiways

Not fair to count this one: Pics


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