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Last time you buyed a print newspaper

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When was the last time you buyed a print newspaper?

For me, it was around 2000. Every day except Sundays, I used to read the Kentucky Post, which was an edition of the Cincinnati Post, one of the big local dailies. I used to buy a copy from a vending machine. By that time, they had an online version, but I still buyed the print version, because it had articles the online edition didn't have. But I got tired of what essentially amounted to front-page editorials, so it just wasn't worth it anymore. The Post had good coverage of things like local crimes and fires, but it wasn't worth wading through the nonsense.

The Post finally went out of business in the late 2000s.

Never bought one

July 25, 2018, because the Oklahoman had a front page story about Oklahoma installing enhanced mileposts.

I bought one two days in a row this month, actually, because of the truck attack in Amqui, Quebec.

Does the one that should be sitting out in my driveway this morning count? (I'll check when it gets light)

But as for putting down cash at a newsstand - never. Putting money in a newspaper box - so long ago I can't remember when or why I did it.


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