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Hello from Upstate NY

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--- Quote from: ParrDa on May 08, 2017, 11:11:06 PM ---Hey everyone!
I'm a long-time roadgeek and finally decided to join the forum. I'm from upstate's finest Rochester, NY! I'm only 17 but have always an interest in roads, especially freeways, and am constantly dreaming up improvements to my local road network.

--- End quote ---

Welcome to AARoads!

Welcome from the western suburbs of Boston!

Trying something more terse: Hello.

jp the roadgeek:
Only been out that way once passing by on the way to a concert at Ralph Wilson and Niagara Falls.  Greetings from Central CT.

Welcome!  I'm originally from "downstate" NY (i.e., NYC metro), but now live in SF.
Done bit of road geekery in upstate, especially southern tier and finger lakes areas :)


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