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Saying Hello from Western Illinois!

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--- Quote from: Sapphuby on January 31, 2022, 11:06:15 AM ---Hey! I'm Sapphuby. Still pretty new here. Love to take road trips whenever possible, as it's a very enjoyable activity to do. Took one a few weeks ago, didn't go very far. Looking to to further in the future. I'd love to engage with y'all! :colorful:

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Hello! I'm currently working on visiting all 102 counties in Illinois and have most of west central Illinois still to go.

Welcome from another part of Western Illinois.

Welcome! I love a good Illinois road trip.  I've driven about 75% of the marked highway mileage in Illinois (two people have me beat though), and I'm looking to clinch I-72 from end to end soon!  Welcome from the Joliet area.

Welcome from Southwest Missouri!

Despite living in MO my whole life, I have never been to the Northeast part of the state.


--- Quote from: InterstateFan621 on January 31, 2022, 11:24:18 AM ---Welcome from Central Georgia! I am also new here. I actually love to take road trip as well. I been on one from Georgia to Michigan, (and yet to report on here, it happened on September last year.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy being on the forum!

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Thank you! I already am having a nice time on the forum, feels nice to spill my love for roads somewhere else instead of on paper. I'd say the longest trip I've taken in my lifetime is from Western GA at Columbus all the way to Western IL at Quincy. Don't quite remember it, however, since it was so long ago. Hope you're having a good time too!


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