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Illogical control cities for the direction of long-distance travel

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I-70 east approaching 35 south (signed for Wichita) may be the best example of this. Depending on the distance being traveled, Wichita traffic would have been better off leaving eastbound 70 at 670, 18th Street Expressway, 635, 435, K-7, K-10, 470 in Topeka both times, US 77, and of course 135.

Some more triangle examples:
I-39 South end - Chicago is signed for I-55 North
I-155 South end - Same thing
I-86 West end - Buffalo is signed for I-90 East (and really no one is using this ramp anyways; even if they just wanted to go to North East they would have gotten off at PA 89)


--- Quote from: hbelkins on November 12, 2022, 04:37:04 PM ---Since we've been talking about control cities recently, how about compiling a list of control cities that are used where the logical flow of long-distance traffic makes them ill-suited for posting?

--- End quote ---

This occurs when cities A, B, and C are all connected by interstates and are big enough to be control cities in their own right. Often the city would still be the logical choice for a control city even for long-distance traffic.

For the I-71/I-75 example, what should be the control city for I-75 south? I'd have a hard time arguing against Lexington. The next control city is Knoxville, and you still would have taken I-64 from Louisville. Chattanooga isn't big enough to be a control city from Northern Kentucky, and long distance traffic from Louisville would have taken I-64/I-75 or I-65/I-24.

^The idea is that a smaller, closer town would be used.


--- Quote from: jp the roadgeek on November 12, 2022, 10:40:06 PM ---The I-86/I-390 westbound split in NY is a good example (and a really good one for now).  I-390 traffic is bound for Rochester, while the control for I-86 is currently Jamestown (will soon be Erie, which is still smaller than Rochester)

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Yes, I agree with this one as well. This section of I-86 is part of a significant N/S corridor connecting I-99/US 15 to I-390, so Rochester would make more sense here (and Jamestown has its own issues which have been discussed elsewhere). And the traffic split definitely favors I-390 here, so it's even better than my I-80/I-380 example.


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