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I was bored and thinking of all the random questions I had about highways, DOTS, roads, etc. and decided to post them to see if anyone could answer them for me. If you have any random questions feel free to add them.

1. Where is the stack on aaroads homepage photo thing?
2. For California to have such an extensive freeway network why is the signs so bad?
3. Why are traffic lights in Louisiana green?
4. Why do traffic lights in Houston have two red lights?
5. Why does Georgia pavement have that distinctive gray color?
6. Why does asphalt in most of Mississippi turn a brownish color when worn, except for the coastal areas?
7. Why does El Paso appear on a mileage sign 880 something miles away?
8. Why do bridges in Louisiana (new and old) make the car go tha-thuk tha-thunk tha-thunk?
9. What are the purpose of the slotted BGS's in Alabama?
10. What are the slotted BGS's in Alabama made of?
11. Why are most bridges over the Mississippi River (the lower mississippi at least) cantilever?
12. What are the rules to driving on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philly?
13. Why do Houston freeways make that whistling sound?
14. Why are BGS's in Florida rounded on the corners?
15. Why does Las Vegas rely so heavily on Botts Dots
16. Where can Botts Dots be found outside of California, Texas, Nevada, and parts of Louisiana?
17. Why does Birmingham, AL and Jackson, MS have big shiny VMS signs everywhere that are never on?
18. Who had the Michigan Left first?, Michigan or Louisiana?
19. Why doesn't I-75 meet I-95?
20. Why does the typical intersection in the NOLA area have 10+ traffic lights while anywhere else in LA may have 1 or 2 hanging on a wire?.. and does any other city have most of their traffic lights on pedestals like NOLA instead of hanging from wires or poles?

I know it is a lot of ?ions, but I was bored and I want to know the answers.

19. Answer number one: In theory, main interstates that are parallel to each other, then they should not me.
Answer number two: I don't know, perhaps they should just make the terminus of I-75 at I-95 by rerouting I-75 somehow.

2. Lack of funds? After all, if they have a lotta freeways, it would cost more to sign 'em all.

14. All rounded/routed corner BGS's seem to be that way for aesthetic purposes. After all, it is more expensive to do that then to not round/route them.

7. Texas DoT probably did that to let drivers know just how big Texas really is.


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