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I registered solely to ask this question, so I'm hoping someone has an answer that's not as smart-alecky as my question.

Can someone please explain why, when I'm driving on Highway 280 East out of Birmingham, there are green signs with arrows that seem to indicate every so often that the highway goes off to the left oright, but to the left or right is some residential road or parking lot?

Is the Alabama DOT just sadistic?  Or are they trying to keep people from escaping Birmingham as fast as is humanly possible?

What do these green signs say?

I tried looking on google maps, to see if I could see what you were talking about, B, but I couldn't find it. So, I'm inclined to agree with froggie.

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Is it northwest or southeast of the I-459 loop? If southeast, I'll report back tomorrow with what I see.


I was just on the road from I-459 to I-85. Didn't see what you were mentioning, unless it was the stretch inside Birmingham.



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