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Does anyone know why the median of Stoney Trail in Calgary gets extra wide for a short distance between McKnight and 16th Avenue?  Is it for a proposed interchange at 32nd Ave NE?  Or some other flyover ramp for 16th Ave?

I've always been curious of this.

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I think it's just geography/geology given the short distance between interchanges.

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Cadastre shows ROW for an interchange.

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There is a lot of ROW there but I dispute that anything is set aside for an interchange.

I think if required, 32 Ave NE will cross Stoney Trail via a flyover, but the original "Ultimate Stage" plans that were available when it was under construction didn't indicate an interchange. IIRC, the extra wide median has something to do with avoiding old sour gas well sites.

Stephane Dumas:
Google Streetview show the construction of the new interchange on Airport trail at 19th Street NE and Barlow Trail.

Concrete Bob:
Calgary has a very extensive skeletal arterial network (Anderson Road, Beddington Trail, etc.) . It appears that nearly all of their skeletal arterials are easily upgradable to freeway.  The city appears to have large rights of way where the skeletal arterials intersect. Calgary has done a nice job planning its freeway and arterial network.  I am looking forward to visiting Calgary and Edmonton once COVID lifts.  I have wanted to visit the area since the 1970s.   

Stephane Dumas:
I saw recent satellite shots of Airport Trail with Metis Trail and we got to said goodbye to the proposed cloverleaf interchange at the junction of these 2 roads. :(,-113.965645,16

The ultimate plan proposed in 2008 could be found on this link.


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