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Garaging your vehicle

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When I moved to Texas, one of the first things I told my mother is that our cars live in the garage, not in the driveway, and our garage is not a storage unit. It is also good as an anti-theft deterrent, especially with catalytic converter thefts on the rise. Therefore, because it is supposed to be a secure location, I like to park my car with the windows open (to air out the interior) and to keep the trunk open (to load/unload stuff). However, I keep getting told by my know-it-all neighbor that I shouldn't be doing that, as keeping the windows/trunk closed helps contain any fires. What is the current consensus on this?

I've seen enough car fires in the winter to presume that is a mythical take on how cars burn. Glass has a lower melting point than sheet metal, meaning it's going to fail much quicker in a fire.

Two car garage is a requirement in a home for me. I don't understand people who have garages and don't put cars in them, especially in the winter.

Not garaging one's car in Oklahoma is asking to get it totaled by hail damage. So I always keep it garaged if that's an option. There are other benefits as well (such as avoiding the elements and reducing the risk of pet escape when bringing in groceries, and freeing up driveway and street parking space for visitors).

Max Rockatansky:
Fires?  That sounds like an old wives tale, one I’ve never even heard of until now.  As noted already the melting temperature of automotive glass is low enough that it is going to melt in a fire.  That said, a car isn’t likely to catch on fire unless there is something seriously wrong with it.  An ICE especially would really need to have some sort of major problem to catch on fire from a cold/idle state. 

At present moment I just have my Challenger parked in the garage, the other side is a COVID era gym I still use at least once a week.  I use my Challenger once a week on average or for special occasions such as a substantially scenic road or a car show.  I keep the windows closed due to the dust that is common to my area in the summer.  The summer dust is bad enough in Fresno that I still need to wash the Challenger once a month due to dust accumulation.  If I left the trunk open it likely would kill the trunk bulb after about a week since I don’t think it has an automatic shut off. 


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