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New section of Gilcrease Expressway (Tulsa) open

Started by bugo, March 22, 2009, 06:19:14 PM

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The section of the Gilcrease Expressway between the L.L. Tisdale Parkway and Lewis Avenue is now open to traffic.  The Tisdale/Gilcrease intersection is an at-grade T intersection, with a stop sign at the "end" of the Gilcrease.  The Gilcrease is 4 lanes undivided for a quarter or half mile, then turns into a full freeway.  There is a stub end for the WB lanes and a temporary crossover, meaning the T intersection and undivided section are thankfully temporary.  OK 11 hasn't been rerouted.  The Gilcrease and Tisdale are both sign with green round markers, here are some (bad) snaps:

The stop sign and T intersection look to be potentially very dangerous.  Hopefully the temporary situation won't last long and there will be a proper interchange here.  The next section to be constructed is the section from the Tisdale to Edison Avenue.  Why they're not extending it 1/4 mile or so to US 64-412 is unknown.


Those shields are comical, what the heck is up with them!?  :crazy:


They are in Oklahoma. That is what is up with them. :P
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OK state map for 2009-10 shows the extension open already.  Hopefully I get a chance to take a look in June.

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